friends until the end is the 7th episode in season 1 of frog boy

Plot synopsis Edit

after game buddy discovers that frog boy wants a new game buddy he thinks that he wants to replace him so they get into a fight. meanwhile Petra pretends to be her brother to kidnap game buddy.

Appearances Edit

main characters

  • frog boy
  • game buddy
  • Petra
  • minor characters
  • Parry and Barry
  • mayor Patrick
  • hambernie
  • minosaur
  • slushios
  • chef peppa pizza
  • Santa
  • Petra's ants

Notes & trivia Edit

  • angry burgers the movie is a parody of the angry birds movie released on the same year as this episode.
  • super penguin bros is a parody of super Mario bros.
  • gentendo 2Ds and micromon sun and moon are parody's of nintendo and pokemon

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